Animal Static

the kitchen, nyc 

30 minutes

Animal Static is an immersive 3-channel video and drawing installation that exhibited at The Kitchen in Chelsea, NYC from January 17- February 23. Videos and drawings were activated by the viewer via motion sensors that determined speed and order of video play. Video channels were “stacked” so that the closer a viewer got to the screen, the more of the world it revealed. 

Orange Blossom gives her latest beauty tips. Starring Brook Hsu, Andrew Wardlaw, and Marcel Alcala.
Craig, CEO of Ice + Cream, outlines his company's innovative structure and branding.Starring Marcel Alcala and Pablo the Bulldog.
Two friends run into money trouble at Ice + Cream. Starring Lex Brown, Marcel Alcala, and Andrew Wardlaw.

A content banker explains how to exchange content.Starring Alteronce Gumby.
Elephant Hill Season 23 Episode 15. Starring Quinn Gorbutt.
Melanie, reporter from More Later Tonight, investigates the death of daytime content star Richard Jergens. Starring Quinn Gorbutt, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Lex Brown, and Pablo the Bulldog.

Melanie overdoses on cream after her story on the death of Richard Jergens, star of Elephant Hill.Starring Quinn Gorbutt, Keiran Brennan-Hinton, and Lex Brown.
Starring Lex Brown, Marcel Alcala, Pablo, Quinn Gorbutt, Alteronce Gumby, and Keiran Brennan-Hinton.

The Inside Room

recess art, Brooklyn 

17 minutes

In this culminating project of “The Inside Room,” two teenagers go on a journey in a self-driving car. After they fall asleep, their ride is derailed by the vehicle’s AI Melanie who uses branded media to determine the destination of their self-driving car. Their ride is sponsored by Tony Silvercreek and Associates, a law firm filing suit against the employees of the Better Tomorrow Foundation for supposedly using company money for massages, despite the fact that the employees have been working for “72 straight hours.” The trial is ajudicated by Monty, a child judge in the state circuit, via videoconferencing.

Finding Belief in Life Again

commissioned by kunstall stavanger

36 minutes