Focacciatown: Reloaded

the kitchen, nyc (2019)

40 minutes

Focacciatown: Reloaded revisits the characters from the original operetta Focacciatown (2017): a nuclear family that sits at the helm of the eponymous fast-casual-bakery-chain-cum-military-base. Set in a medieval future, the piece Arial Black, mother, is chief of marketing and media operations, her husband Antoine Anton Antwon Jenkins is a military general, and their daughter Brioche (Bree-AH-shee) is a social media starlet.

When Antoine shoots a mysterious visitor for the criminal act of bringing a bag of potato chips to their party, Brioche discovers a family secret and must bring the stranger back to life. In this sequel, two time travellers are brought back to revisit the story, through the interpretation of news reporter Melanie, who is coerced by the Crusade to distort the narrative, making the victim of the shooting the perpetrator of the crime.