Defense Mechanisms

Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art
July 2021 through October 2021

Deli Gallery
October 2021 through November 2021

A solo exhibition of new works in drawing, print, sculpture, performance, and video by Lex Brown. Delivered through poetry, color, and science-fiction, these works further primary concerns with the characterization of commerce and control in contrast to inner transformation and freedom.

Bright hues belie complex operations of language in late-capitalism, in which information is often abstract and indiscernible. Nature and technology intertwine in form that evoke the “cartoon logic” of our built environment. In these works organic life, not computer learning, is the superior form of intelligence.

Throughout the exhibition, anachronistic technologies and art historical references are interwoven with Brown’s personal narrative, which was shared in a new essay for the exhibition alongside performance scholar Evan Moritz’s essay on COMMUNICATION.

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