the m.i.t. list visual arts center

plays and players, philadelphia

60 minutes

Carnelian is an eclectic musical work for film and stage written by Lex Brown and co-composed by Samuel Beebe. In the course of a single day, Necyria, Bicyclus, and Orachrysops await the imminent arrival of a cataclysmic event – the “Boom.” Throughout 8 songs, each character contends with their own definition of power, whether it be natural, political, or technological. Carnelian asks how we reckon with the "Boom" already being here, and how our humanity endures, in spite of itself, through these existential threats?

Ciani Barclay as Necyria
Najee Duwon as Orachrysops
Mya Drew Flood as Bicyclus
and Venkatesh Sundarapalli as the Auctioneer

︎Carnelian Installation
︎Carnelian Performance